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M.A Blockchain

The best solution to the global public blockchain ecolocy

System Trust Interest

Stably Value Promotion, High Profit Channel

The system interest will be deposited with account immediately automatically while users lock MG into Locktime. The deposited MG and the relative interest could be withdrew or used after unlocking the mature trust blocks. The trust system interest period of Mind Bank system are 16-1024 days in variety. The interest profit will be more once the locking time is longer.

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M.A Blockchain Explorer

Block Data Real-time Info

The Blockchain explorer is the block checking tools for M.A Blockchain in Mind Bank system. It accomplishes the M.A Blockchain block data real-time update by data integration of block amount, Bank address and the trade code. It’s convenient for users to check the blockchain trade information timely. Meanwhile it guarantee that all the decentralized system data is open and transparent.

Multi-dimension Data Inquire

  • Check the block amount for trade info
  • Input Bank address for trade record
  • Input trade code for trade details

Public Benefit and Donation Mechanism

Build the Social Love Convention

Users could do the global public benefit vote in every Century. The former public benefit organizations will win all the public benefit donations from the global users and the 50% website handling fee generated in all the global trade this Century. Meanwhile, the users could willingly choose to donate MG to the charities selected by the global public benefit vote.

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Creation and Trial

Blockchain Technology

Global common mind, new born philanthropy

M.A Blockchain Announcement is officially issued, click to check.

Write down the story about you and Mind Asset, you will have the chance to show up on the CENTURY APPOINTMENT board and win huge MG award!

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Warm prompt

Mind Bank is a definitely decentralized system, the account and co-de wont be retrieved once lost. If you'd like to update the version, please backup the KEY.

Thanks for using Mind Bank!

 I have read How to Backup Mind Bank, and learnt the relevant operations.
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